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I will provide you with some forums I have visited and post some opinions about them.


Religious Forums
This forum is a great group for discussing religion. No matter what your faith you can find a group willing to listen and possibly share your beliefs.
If you have questions, they are quick to respond and quite a few have intelligent responses.
The rule this site has about not posting links to other forums is a little unsettling, but I still highly recommend this site.

Bible Forums
I found the administrators at this site to be harshly prejudice. I went to this site in hopes of discussing questions I had about biblical concerns and they treated me as if I had no business there. The only reason they had for treating me in such a way was because I didn't specify I was a Christian. I didn't think it was necessary to consider me unworthy to discuss my concerns solely because I didn't specify whether or not I was a Christian.
The community here was fantastic though. They seem like people well educated on the Bible and its origins. The questions I asked mainly pertained to the origin of the Bible, clarification of some Hebrew definitions, and a few other random thoughts. The answers all seemed genuine, and when needed a source was given.
Though I won't go back to this site, it may be useful to someone.

Christian Forums
This was a grand site. With my beliefs and such I have a hard time being accepted in discussions like this. The community here was great at helping me find answers without making me feel unwelcome. The rules for this community should be looked over, but I don't recall seeing anything unreasonable.


Math Help Forum
Whether it's finding steps to relearn old skills or to look for help resolving the hardest of equations, this forum seems motivated to help with them both and everything in between.

Polyglot Club
This whole site seems dedicated to exchanging languages. You find someone who wants to learn your language and if you want to learn theirs, you start to practice by communicating with each other.

Physics Forums
If you have a thought you'd like to embellish about science, whether it be about space, chemistry, biology, etc, this is probably a good place to bring it up. I'm not saying it's the best or only place, but it is a good place.

This looks like a great site to discuss world history, no matter which country you have questions about this seems like an excellent source of information.

World News Forum
Just as the title implies, this is a forum about current world events. If you have thoughts that pertain to another country. Why not make a post in that countries thread, and ask someone in that country for an answer, instead of counting on the media or here say?

Astrology Weekly; Astrologers Forums
Seems like a vast amount of celestial knowledge here.

Marketing Forum
This is a new site for marketing but seems like it may be worth watching.

Warrior Marketing Forum
This is a well known and well used forum for marketing. It has many members and is free to join. As always pay attention to the forums rules and guidelines, especially if you wish to use the forum for promotional purposes.


Political Forum
This seems like a great place for any political battle of wits. If you want to get gritty this is where it's at.

Debate Politics
This site is similar to the one above but with a different user base for a broader variety of answers.

Pakistan Affairs
This is a great site devoted to discussing events and happenings in Pakistan. The community here is very friendly and welcoming to all who join.

Random Forums

 Body Building Forums
I'm not into weight lifting, but for those of you that are this may be informative.

Debate Forum 
This forum has room for every category of debate.
It has a unique 1 on 1 debate application built into the site as well in case you really want a challenge.

Skeptic Forum
Anything your skeptical about can be discussed here. I wonder what you will learn.

Dogster Forums
If you wanna talk puppy love, give this place a gander.

Goosemoose Pet Portal
These guys seem to cover everything from rats to birds. They don't have a reptiles discussion though.

SEO Chat
Free SEO help from people who are doing exactly what your doing or trying to do.

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