Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Forum etiquette

What is Etiquette?

To  me, etiquette is defined as groups of socially accepted rules depicted on how people feel they want to be treated.

Using etiquette in that perception gives a reason to use it in every day life. Who really doesn't value the phrase, "treat others as you want to be treated", and its meaning?
Here I would just like to give some examples of good forum etiquette to help clarify some things, and hopefully help communities to educate themselves inside forums instead of finding constant ramble and bicker.

  1. Never be disrespectful. This doesn't mean to not question someones intelligence, it just means to find a way to do it that the community wont find insulting, even though the person the response is directed to might.
  2. Always be clear when you make a post. It is fundamental that you understand what your posting, when you are posting it. If you don't understand something, you can't expect other readers to understand it any better than you.
  3. Don't insult anyones character in forums. Insults to someones character shows a sign of ignorance to the person bearing the insults. In forums insults usually are thrown when someone has no response to an argument and must ignore or accept what the post entails. (I would say not to insult anyone, but that is just nature to some people and insulting someones intelligence will usually result in proof of ignorance towards the first offender.)
  4. Always keep an open mind. You should be going to forums to gain and share knowledge. Some people claim the best way to continue learning is to teach. Nobody can come to an agreement if both sides don't keep an open mind in order to put themselves in the other persons perspective.
  5. Realize that your discussing observations. Once you realize that everything discussed in forums is based on a persons individual observation, it is easier to understand their personal perspective.
  6. Always use the search function before you make a post. There is nothing worse than visiting a forum and seeing people ask the same question 100 times. Please try to describe search in more than one way, to ensure evasion of double posting.
I can go on an on, but that should be sufficient. There are only 2 main things to understand about forums.

1) Forums are assemblies of real people, discussing real ideas.
2) Forums are only as knowledgeable as the community will allow.

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