Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Importance Of Collective Thought

Collective Thought

What Is It?

Collective thought is the ability for minds to work together by expressing ideas that revolve around the same subject in order to make physical results.

An example of collective thought would be 20 people in a junkyard wanting to build an engine. Only 4 of them have worked on cars but the others are mechanically inclined. They all want to work together to build an engine.
The knowledgeable 4, understand the basics of engines but not enough to build the whole thing.
The others have knowledge in general areas of building things, but no experience with cars.
Together though, the 4 mechanics can combine their knowledge and lead the others in a way that generates intelligent questions to produce intelligent answers.
Using the questions and answers of each other they can most likely produce an engine using collective knowledge even though 16 people never worked on an engine before.

Here is a more in-depth description I found that somebody else wrote that is very enlightening.

What Does That Have To Do With You?

That depends on how much you are willing to accept.
If you think about how collective thought was used for others to gain an understanding of our world, it probably has everything to do with you.
However, if you want to, you can ignore it and consider it insignificant and therefore it would have nothing to do with you.

I am going to assume you are the first option seeing as your still reading.
There really isn't much explanation needed here... but just to clarify what I mean I will dabble a little.

Where do you think your teachers, parents, boss, friends, and you got your knowledge? Sure, you can say "books", but where did those authors get their knowledge?
The obvious answer is through collective knowledge. Everyone who has learned anything, has had to at one point expressed what they learned. Once what they expressed is interpreted by someone else as "correct" or "incorrect" a collective knowledge base is started and the ideas expressed are considered relevant or not. If it is relevant it is probably studied further, which generates more questions that are expressed which generates more collective thought.

How Can Collective Thought Change The World?

An obvious answer to that question is a question. "How has collective thought not changed the world?"
If you read and understood the paragraphs above you can probably agree that all our intelligence is a build up of collective thought. Anything that was built using our intelligence needed collective thought to generate the ideas to make the invention possible.

So I guess the better question is "how can you help change the world through collective thought?"
The answer is simple. Put your ideas out into the world for others to agree or disagree with.
As long as you don't allow yourself to take offense to other peoples observations and opinions about your ideas, you have nothing to be afraid of.

If You Have Ideas, People Will Agree or Disagree With Them.

I'm sure some of you are saying "well, duh. That's the only choices they have."
That's not the only choice however, people can choose to ignore your ideas as well, even after understanding them thoroughly.

Aside from that though, it implies that people listened to your ideas and made their own conclusions based on your observations.After they reach their conclusion they will find the information you provided to be relevant or not and to look into your observations further if they do find it necessary for their own purposes.

The important thing is that they listened though. After they listen to your idea, they will express their own and collective thought is in process from that moment on.

Where Can I Go To Get People To Listen?

Anywhere that you find conversations possible. The key to collective thought is interacting with people in order to influence their mind to generate like thoughts as yours for a better conclusion that was previously thought of.

The best places that I can think of to express your opinions though are internet forums. Most people don't understand how crucial these forums should be considered.
Internet forums are the most ignored from of collective thought today. The reason they are so important is because there is a forum for pretty much any idea a person has. In these forums there are other people expressing their ideas on how to improve previous ideas within the topic.

If you don't believe me, take an idea you have and simplify it to a "search engine term". And put your term in quotation marks with the word forum after it. "example" forum

example: If you enjoy boating and want to know of places to travel, or want to express opinions of places you have traveled.
Go to google and type "boating" forum, and you will get a list of sites that are focused on the discussion of boating.
I haven't done this search, I'm just giving it as an example. I assume you would get a list of forums that are about boat travel and boat building.

I hope that gives you some understanding of forums and how to find other peoples thoughts on ideas that may pertain to you and your ideas.

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